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At Tiling Preston, we believe in providing high-quality and professional tiling services.

We are Preston Tiling, a team of highly competent and trained professional tilers who had built a reputation in providing top-notch, durable, and economical tiling services in Preston and surrounding cities for more than 21 years. Our services are centred on delivering high-quality tiling installation, management, and maintenance with a heavy emphasis on methods and techniques to promote longevity and luxury. We have specialised in basic and advanced tiling work including:

We are also Preston’s most complete tiling solution, providing tiling installation and maintenance services as well as having the biggest and the most sizeable inventory of available tiling materials in the area. We have surfaces of varying sizes, designs, colors, including:

Preston Tilers is dedicated in providing you with high-quality, professional, and cost-effective tiling solutions and more. So, if you are planning to get your kitchen tiles installed or your bathroom tiles to be waterproofed, call us today and one of our expert tilers is more than happy to discuss with you all available options we have for you!

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Preston Tiling Services

We Communicate Clearly

Communication is a very important aspect of our business. We believe that it is through open communication that we can provide the best services to our clients. Before we start with any of our projects, we will sit down with you to discuss all the facets of your project. We will ask you to describe to us your vision and how you want the end product to look like. With that, we will formulate a design that we can present to you including a clear and transparent estimation of cost and duration. We will make sure that we set proper expectations before moving forward.

We Deliver Results On

Being on time in delivering our project is not only a goal; it is our priority. For all our projects, we make sure that we complete everything on or before the agreed deadline. With that, we are proud to say that for the last 21 years, we have never delivered any of our projects with any significant delays. In fact, at least 89% of our previous projects were completed way ahead of the schedule. We have kept this promise for more than two decades and we are not in the business of turning back against it. Here at Preston Tilers, we respect your time.

We Offer The Most Affordable Prices

Cost is one of the most contentious aspect of any project. We understand that having a major project like tiling can be a huge investment for many of us, that is why we make sure that our services is worth every penny you spend. Before we start with your project a transparent cost estimate is provided by our experts. If you have a budget constraint, we can work with in that and our expert tilers are more than willing to explore alternatives with you to bring your costs down without compromising the quality of our work.

Our Specialisation

You’re looking for a tiler? Preston Tilers, a team of competent and experienced tilers specializes in both indoor and outdoor tile work. Whether you have an entryway border or want to create mosaic feature walls with tiles like those found on bathroom walls (mosaic designs vary), we are here for your needs! We also do powder rooms as well as kitchen backsplashes; just name it – if there’s any kind of project where laying down some durable flooring is required then chances are our skilled masons will come up trumps against anything else out there thanks to their years-long experience working hard at achieving top-grade results time after time without fail.

Why Choose Preston Tilers?

We're results-focused

We are dedicated to deliver only the best services to our clients.

Affordable Rates

We believe in accessibility of our services.


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Our Promise

We’ve been in the tile game since 2006 and our number one goal is to get your home or business looking its best. With over 25 years of experience among us, we have what it takes to turn your vision into reality! Whether you need help with a full kitchen makeover or want some new flooring for office space, we can handle any project big or small. 

Not all tile companies are created equal and you need to know what your buying. Our team has over 25 years of experience, which means we have the knowledge needed to make sure that whatever project it is- big or small -gets done with precision! Not everyone knows how difficult a job renovating can be, so when making plans for home improvement projects many people either go too short by doing things themselves or they don’t do enough research on contractors in their area before starting work. That’s where Tilers Preston comes in; not only will our professionals provide exceptional quality service but they’ll understand exactly what needs completing and won’t stop until every detail is taken care of down to the last grout line!

Need a Tiling Service in Preston?

We specialize in both indoor and outdoor tiling. Whatever your tiling needs are, we are here to help.