Top 3 Tiles to Achieve an Art Deco Design

Modern commercial or residential properties use contemporary designs nowadays. You may notice that it’s very uncommon for modem residential homes to use vibrant colours and eye-popping visuals because most people nowadays prefer a minimalist style Art deco designs are not as popular anymore. Maybe because some people don’t know how to achieve this certain style. […]

Why You Should Choose Vitrified Tiles

Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to granite or marble tiles? You came to the right place! Vitrified tiles are extremely tough. It is dubbed as the most durable tiling option in the market. It is made with silica and clay mixture. This mixture is then fired to a high temperature, which makes the […]

Why You Should Choose Wall Tiles Over Wall Paint

Are you having a renovation or remodelling soon and you’re unsure if you should paint or tile your walls? We can guide you in choosing which one will work for you. Nowadays, homeowners prefer wall tiles for a number of reasons. Paint is more affordable and you can choose from different shades and colours, but […]

5 Benefits of Using Ceramic Tiles

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, living room, or bathroom, you’ll never go wrong with ceramic tiles because it works well in any room. However, it’s mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms because of its inability to penetrate dirt, dust, and pollen. At Preston Tiling, we offer a large selection of tiling options for your home. […]

A Guide in Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Tiles

Your bathroom is one of the most used areas in your home and it deserves the same attention as your living room or kitchen. That’s why you need to carefully select bathroom tiles that will make your bathroom stand out. The design of your bathroom will reflect your preference and personal taste. Choosing the perfect […]