A Guide in Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Tiles

Your bathroom is one of the most used areas in your home and it deserves the same attention as your living room or kitchen. That’s why you need to carefully select bathroom tiles that will make your bathroom stand out. The design of your bathroom will reflect your preference and personal taste.

Choosing the perfect bathroom tiles is not as simple as it looks. You may need to consider factors that may affect the entire look of your bathroom. To make it easier for you, here are 5 tips on how you can easily select the perfect bathroom tiles:

Know Your Budget

There are various types of tiles and they come in different shapes, styles, and colours. The price of each tile varies that’s why before choosing a tile, you should determine your budget. Ceramic tiles are the most affordable option. While the porcelain tiles and natural stone tiles are more expensive but highly durable.

Consider the Size of Your Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, large tiles won’t look appealing at all. It will make your bathroom appear much smaller than it actually is. You have to choose carefully when you’re working with small spaces to make your bathroom look more appealing.

At Preston Tiling, we offer a large selection of tiles that will suit your needs!

Select a Colour Scheme

At the end of the day, your style and colour preference will be followed. One great tip is to start choosing your vanity and cabinet colours first. From there, you can begin choosing your colour palette for the tiles. Experts recommend sticking with plain or lighter tiles to give out a gorgeous and elegant look.

Consider TIle Maintenance

Do you have time to clean your tiles every once in a while? Sure, some tiles are visually appealing and elegant. However, when it can be a burden when it comes to maintenance.

For example, natural stone tiles are aesthetically appealing but require more maintenance than ceramic or porcelain tiles. Which means they have pores that hold a good amount of dirt and grime. The ideal tiles are ceramic or porcelain tiles because they require little to no maintenance. However, do check if they need to be sealed.

Limit Choices to Three Different Tiles

It’s exciting to choose bathroom tiles especially if there are a large selection of tiles to choose from. You won’t even realize that you got five different tiles. Making it harder for you to decide on which tile to get. Usually, you will need a floor tile, an accent tile, and a wall tile. That’s why we suggest that you limit your choices to three tiles.


Even though the bathroom takes a little space in your home, it doesn’t make it easier to choose the perfect tiles. You need to take into consideration the size of your bathroom and other factors that will come into play.

Are you still confused about which tiles suit your bathroom? You might need professional advice from our tiling experts at Preston Tiling.

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