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Outdoor Tiling

You can definitely attract visitors and other passersby to your home just by elevating the exterior look of your property. Simply installing types of outdoor tiles can increase the aesthetic value of your home and create a welcoming environment for your visitors. It can also give you a more relaxing atmosphere to destress, which can instantly improve your wellbeing.

At Preston Tiling, we highly encourage you to invest in outdoor tiling as these can actually ensure your safety and withstand a lot of stress: you don’t have to worry about maintenance! With the right materials and experience, we can execute your every need efficiently and effectively, so leave a quote down below to begin your tiling journey with us.

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Installation Process of Outdoor Tiling in Preston

Picking the suitable tiles and materials

There is an incredibly wide array of materials to choose from, and the options may be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t specially trained in the industry. At Preston Tiling, we’ll guide you through each choice and debrief you on their price, durability, textures, colours, and other factors. 

You should also consider the climate in your home, as there may be harsher weather conditions that can damage your tiles instantly. You should choose which option adheres to your environment, and you must also ensure that they can withstand all the stress, moisture, and pressure in your area. 

Not only that, you should make sure that the tiles that you choose suit the whole aesthetic and vibe of your home. Your tiles should complement the colours and textures on your roofs and walls, and you should also think about their purpose. Do you want to add tiles near your water-related decorations for security? Do you simply want to add tiles around your garden for aesthetic? In deciding all of that, our team can assist you, and we’ll do our best to provide you with the best option possible.

Arranging and preparing the exterior surface

We’ll prepare your areas according to the type of tiles and their materials. We can dust, level, or simply clean the area to ensure that we can install the tiles properly and that they can stay there for longer. Depending on the initial surface, we can also cement or stone the softer areas to make sure that the tiles will not be damaged over time. 

Installing the outdoor tiling

Before taking any action, we’ll go through all the different properties and factors again so that we’re sure of your choice. Our friendly team at Preston Tiling prioritises you above all else, so we’ll aid and assist you in every step of the process. If there are any last-minute changes, you can simply tell us, and we can fix it and adjust accordingly.

Once we’ve finalised everything for you, we’ll begin with the procedures in installing the tiles onto your property. While we’re in the process, though, we’ll update you regularly on the look and progress to further ensure that it’s what you want for your home.