Tile Removal Preston

Tile Removal

Tiles are generally quite durable, but if you’ve accidentally dropped a sharp or heavy object, you can easily create cracks along the tiles’ surface. They can also lose their coating or polish depending on the materials you’ve used, so you may want to repair or remove them altogether.

You don’t need a particular argument on why you want to replace or remove your tiles. It’s not uncommon that you’d get the urge to redecorate or elevate your spaces further, so do not hesitate for long and ask a service for assistance. Doing these procedures are not as simple as it seems. You would need highly experienced professionals to execute them accurately.

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Tile Removal at Preston Tilers

At Preston Tiling, our teams are equipped with top-notch education, equipment, and materials to ensure that we can cater to all your tile removal needs. We’ll assist and inform you with everything you need to know, so you don’t have to invest any time in extensive research. 

We can also install new tiles after removing your previous ones, so you wouldn’t need to look for a different tiling service. You can just tell us all about your preferences in style, texture, and material, and we’ll do our best to give you the best options in the market. We’re confident that we can solve all of your tiling needs.

Tile Removal Process in Preston

Removing the tiles

Tilers usually add trimming along the walls after installing tiles to have a cleaner edge and finish, so we’ll have to first remove all of it before moving any of the tiles. The tiled areas would have been harder to reach otherwise, and taking out the trimmings would also lessen the likelihood of damaging them in the tile removal process.

Once the trimming is removed, our team will start chiselling the edges of the tiles to detach them from the initial surface. Adding some space and air between the tiles and the floor will ensure easier removal. The process will not take long and seems simple to accomplish, but any wrong move can instantly crack the tiles.

Only trained professionals can precisely and accurately perform this process to avoid cracking or completely shattering the tiles. Doing these can make it quite challenging to clean and may destroy the subfloor.

Removing the underlayment

Underlayment is installed before any kind of tiling to ensure that your tiles will stick onto the subfloor for longer. The material would hold onto the tiles and prevent them from moving or getting removed entirely一both of which would cause you to spend even more time, money, and energy. We have to remove the underlayment as these can hinder any type of reinstallment, and they can also make the surface rougher. 


Leaving small debris and unnecessary sharp scraps can be dangerous for you and your family, especially if you have kids at home. Moreover, small particles, like dust, can also irritate some people’s respiratory systems. Our team can carry out the whole cleaning process after the tile removal so that you can freely move around your home at once.