Top 3 Tiles to Achieve an Art Deco Design

Modern commercial or residential properties use contemporary designs nowadays. You may notice that it’s very uncommon for modem residential homes to use vibrant colours and eye-popping visuals because most people nowadays prefer a minimalist style

Art deco designs are not as popular anymore. Maybe because some people don’t know how to achieve this certain style. As long as you have the right tiles and designs, you will be able to pull off an art deco style.

To give you more idea of what is an art deco, we compiled everything you need to know about it.

What is an Art Deco Style?

Designs are often linked to culture. This means the technologies, trends, political climate, and social norms contribute to the architectural, interior design, and fashion of a certain period of time. The connection between design and culture is seen when studying art deco.

Art deco design is often described as opulent and bold. It represents a certain period of time—the ‘20s. This type of design became popular during the period of two World Wars. This was the time when people were embracing modernism, new technologies, and travelling.

Art Deco Features and Patterns

The art deco style is called eclectic because of the combination of various lines, shapes, and exotic details.

Here are the most commonly used patterns in an art deco style:

Geometric shapes

Elaborate details

Horizontal and vertical lines

Sweeping curves

Ornate interiors


Tile Options to Achieve an Art Deco Style

Terrazo Designs

Terrazzo tiles are vibrant, eye-popping, and heavily patterned—making them a perfect art deco tile. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It can also be used as a wall decoration.

Terrazzo is made up of quartz, marble, glass, or granite. It is then poured with a binder—whether cement-based, polymeric or a combination of both.

It has been a popular option for many homeowners because it perfectly blends with modern designs and terrazzo flooring is made with recycled materials. For sustainable and eco-friendly homeowners, terrazzo flooring is often their choice.


While the natural finish of marble-look tiles seem to defy the characteristics of an art deco design, it focuses on striking shapes, patterns, and vibrant colours. This makes it a perfect tile for art deco inspired designs.


Are you wondering why cement is on the list? It’s simply because of the industrial element that makes it visually stunning. However, it might be difficult to select a cement look for your home’s interior.

Choosing a design is all about balancing the industrial and art-deco styles.


To achieve an art deco design, you need to think about extravagance and opulence. It might be difficult at first because of the variety of patterns, shares, and colourful visuals. Luckily, there are tiles out there that can bring you back to the 1920s art deco style!

Here at Preston Tiling, we offer a wide selection of tiles. They come from different designs, colours, and textures. Whether you want to achieve an art deco or a different style, our team will be able to help you!

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